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Mary Jo LaClair and Nancy Tepas have both completed the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Master Certificate Program. After completing this program they have continued their studies in color and design with Patricia Lambert, professor at Parsons School of Design and primary author of "Color and Fiber". They have also done independent studies in color, design, weaving, and knitting techniques, and have attended numerous workshops.
  Mary Jo  

Mary Jo taught Art in elementary and middle school. Besides weaving she also enjoys calligraphy and marbling on paper and fabric. Mary Jo teaches these crafts in Adult Education classes and does calligraphy professionally.


Nancy, a high school Mathematics teacher, is an avid knitter and sweater designer as well as a weaver, spinner, and quilter. She has been a knitting and weaving instructor for many years.

They both enjoy working with color and yarn and sharing this passion with others as teachers and workshop leaders. Their recent and upcoming engagements include:
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